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Curriculum vitae Dr. Robert Boehm

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After study of biology in Freiburg i.Breisgau, Robert Boehm got his Ph.D. at the university of Tübingen at the institute of Pharmaceutical Biology (Prof. Dr. Lutz Heide). His topic was metabolic engineering approaches for plant-derived therapeutic substances. In 1999, he joined Prof. Heide Schnabl's group at the Institute of Plant Molecular Physiology and Biotechnology at Bonn University to develop duckweed as expression system for recombinant therapeutic proteins (molecular farming). He spent some time at Institute of Glycobiology at Oxford University as well as at the Institute of Agricultural Genetics in Hanoi/Viet Nam to gather further experience in plant biotechnology. He has strong expertise in plant transformation and in vitro-culture and has worked as a lecturer at the universities of Bonn and Dortmund In 2007, Robert Boehm joined Ornamental Bioscience GmbH as the new manager of research and development. The company aimes to develop genetically engineered (transgenic) ornamental plants with improved tolerances against biotic and abiotic stress.

He moved to Klemm + Sohn GmbH in 2009 to take over responsibilities in biotechnological research to support the companie's breeding activities.


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